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Greetings and welcome to the long awaited Sykespro blog! Over the last 5 years I’ve been encouraged to begin blogging but kept talking myself out of it. Maintaining a blog appeared to me as a huge time commitment, and I knew once I was going to commit I was going to be fully engaged. That time has come, here is my attempt to make my mark in the blogging world.

The Author

My name is Daniel Sykes. I’m a 32 year old married father of a beautiful baby girl living and enjoying the sun in Tampa FL. I’ve created this blog to cover information related to my professional life as a web developer and entrepreneur. It will contain solutions to problems I’ve encountered that I may need to resort back to and any other random things I feel like sharing. I work as the Application Development Director at Panther International LLC, which my efforts are geared towards product development, systems design and implementation.

The Content

I’m a big fan of agile methodology focusing primarily on the scrum framework. Also experienced in a wide variety of server and client side software and programing languages which includes C#, ASP.NET,MS SQL, HTML5, CSS and JQuery (to name a few). You can expect plenty of post related to these areas.

There is also a level of transparency I would like to share through this blog. I’ve had successes in my career but probably twice as many failures. Sharing these experiences I hope can help someone else. These will include post related to leadership, productivity, time management and any other self building blocks.

The Frequency

There will be a new post every Wednesday at noon. But don’t be too surprised if I decide to sneak one in before this day. I personally look forward to the unplanned post. These will most likely be jewels I’ve stumbled on unexpectedly.

The Disclaimer

This should go without saying, but obviously anything I write here is of my own opinion. I’m not speaking for my employer or any one else.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned…

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